Security / CCTV


A surveillance camera system is a great way to provide security for your home or workplace.

As well as providing you with video footage of any events which occur, they also act as a visible deterrent to criminals.

We provide CCTV systems for both domestic and commercial properties; some of the features can include:

  • Capabilities to have the CCTV cameras linked direct to your phone / tablet / laptop, enabling you to see what is happening, even when you are not at home (remote viewing of footage)
  • Alerts can be configured to trigger, and sent to you when certain events occur
  • Electronic storage of recorded footage is usually available for 30 days but this can be longer on request
  • We offer pan, tilt and zoom cameras for maximum coverage in wide areas.
  • Vandal resistant and covert cameras can also be provided for more sensitive areas
  • For really dark areas or for night footage, cameras with Infra-red technology built in can also be supplied, for up to 250m coverage (see image below).

Infra-red illuminators

There are many different types of CCTV systems available, covering a wide range of budgets, so please get in touch with us to discuss the options that suits you best.


Automated AV works closely with Local Alarm Companies to install an alarm system into your home that best suits your own individual needs. These can also be integrated into some of the audio visual, home automation and control systems that we offer.

Electric Gates / Gate Entry and Access control:

If you would like your gates to be electrically operated, then we can arrange this, insuring that opening and closing your gates is a breeze; open them with a fob, your mobile phone or even with the use of timers.

We can also add a Gate Entry System which includes a CCTV camera, so that you can see who wishes to gain access to your property, from the comfort of your own home, before letting them enter.

A range of alternative access control packages are available, so please contact us for more details.

These include:

  • Door Entry
  • Access Control utilising Card or Fob Entry
  • Gate Entry with Turn Styles
  • Hotel Room Entry
  • Access Control for Flats, Houses, Social and Leisure Clubs, and Schools