Samsung (BDJ7500/XU) 3D, 4K Upscaling Blu-ray Player

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With its 4K upscaling and premium style, the Samsung BDJ7500 is the perfect match for your Samsung 4K TV.

4K upsampling

The Samsung BD-J7500 doesn't just match your new 4K TV in terms of style; with 4K UHD upsampling, it makes the most of its resolution, too. Taking 1080p one stage further, 4K upscaling gives even higher levels of detail and realism for incredible viewing.

3D compatible
With its 3D compatibility, the Samsung is also ideal for use with your 3D TV. Using Samsung's expertise and quality components, the BDJ7500 delivers a first rate performance - whether 3D or 2D. The sound quality is equally impressive with crisp clarity and strong dynamics. It will also playback a wide range of different types of media including MKV, DivX, AVCHD and JPEG files.

Smart hub with Opera TV apps
The BDJ7500 also includes Samsung's popular Smart TV hub. Simply connect to your home network hub via Wi-Fi or Ethernet and you'll get masses of online content. The new Opera TV Store provides access to a wide range of free games and apps built especially for TV screens. A full web browser is also standard, giving you access to the entire web.

Multi-room wireless sound
A great new feature with the Samsung BDJ7500 is the Wireless Audio Multiroom technology. Simply pair with compatible Samsung M-Series wireless speakers or soundbars and enjoy audio from the Blu-ray player, via your wireless speakers.

Share photo and videos with AllShare
AllShare gives wireless digital content sharing. Using screen-sharing technology, your content is displayed on a compatible Samsung smartphone or tablet, letting you beam photos and videos. You can even play games using your handset as a controller.

Twin HDMI sockets and analogue 7.1 output
With two HDMI sockets, the Samsung BDJ7500 is a versatile performer. The twin sockets can also come in handy if you have an AV receiver without 3D compatibility; simply connect one socket to the TV and one to the receiver and you'll still be able to benefit from surround sound and 3D video. Similarly, the 7.1 analogue output is there for older but high-end AV receivers that don't have an HDMI interface.

Premium style
As you'd expect from a premium Samsung design, the player's sleeved casing and metallic elements give it the look and feel of a top-class machine.

A superior Blu-ray player and one that's more than a match for premium Samsung TVs, the Samsung BDJ7500 is ahead of the game.




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