HomeKit-Enabled Heatmiser neoHub Gen 2

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HomeKit-Enabled neoHub (2nd generation)

Heatmiser are proud to be one of the very first heating control manufacturers to support HomeKit, the home automation platform from Apple. Click here to learn more about this new platform and why your new control system should support it.

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HomeKit support offers;

Siri Voice Control: With HomeKit, you can ask Siri to set your Neo in each room to the desired temperature.

Control from inside iOS 10: HomeKit accessories, including Neo, can be controlled straight from the Control Centre in iOS10. This means you no longer need to open the Neo app to make a quick temperature adjustment.

Automation Rules: Rules can be setup that can trigger Neo and your other HomeKit accessories. There are many triggers, but it could be when you arrive home, open a window or door or at sunset.

Scenes: A scene on HomeKit works across all of your HomeKit devices, setting up your Smart Home just got easier. A Movie Time scene could raise your Neo temperature, Lock the Doors and lower the blinds. Now that's smart!


Can I control my heating if my internet connection fails?

Yes, you can control your heating from the thermostat keypad, but you will not be able to access your heating system remotely.

Do I need a computer to setup my Neo System?

No, all of the setup is done via your Android, Windows Phone or iOS Mobile device.

Do I need a fixed IP or to setup Port Forwarding on my router?


Is there a subscription fee for Neo?

No, there is no on-going fee. Neo is free to use and will be updated free of charge as enhancements are made to the service.

What is the Range of the Neo System?

50m between each neoStat/neoHub. (Open Space)




2 Years

Datasheet (Data_Sheet.pdf, 303 Kb) [Download]

Manual (Manual.pdf, 505 Kb) [Download]